JJosh: 10

Now in his double digits, Josh is our wild card.  With a difficult past and a dance with abuse and PTSD.  He was diagnosed with Autism in 2009, and is considered to be “Non verbal.” He is stubborn just like the rest of us, and does things in his time.  He enjoys watching advertisements, keeping things in order and causing as much trouble as he can in one go.  His horns hold his lopsided halo on – but worth every ounce of trouble and struggle. He shows us how to appreciate the small things.

Today You Turn Ten
A Different Approach to Awareness
Of Broken Spirits
No, I don’t Down Play It
It Just Is
Ba Humbug
‘Tis The Season
Love / Hate
The way it is
What If…
The Unspoken Words
When Its Enough
45 Minutes of Normal
Happy 9th Birthday
Good-bye Summer
Simple Problems
Another Day
What If?
They grow up
Learning beside him
At first light
One more day
The big A
On life, and then some
The conversation I never thought of having
Right now
Maybe then
Happy 8th Birthday
Pause please
No matter what
Without words, I hope he knows
To make them know
Guessing games
Letting go
My clipboard
The important things
A different kind of grief?
Making our way: Autism
Going to be alright
Finding the line
Undoing the knot
A reminder
Before a memory is formed, the moment must be lived
Wishing for our success story
This boy
Happy Seventh Birthday
I worry
To the teachers at 1st grade:
Beyond A-B-C
How can it be over when it just started?
Just a boy
When the TV sparks a thought
Make a wish
Just a few words
Atleast they wont be able to say I didnt try
Something has to give
Look in my eyes
When words fail
Do I want to understand?
Aim higher
The small things
Remember to remember
Sometimes its gray
Six is proving to be hard

Archive: 2008 – 2010

October 13, 2008: Attempting to understand

Random disconnected thoughts
30 Minutes
Joshua Matthew

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