D“Dylan has entered his teenage years. Danger is his middle name. Heights are his friend, and adventure is written across his face. He doesnt enjoy school, and would be more than happy to live his life out in the outdoors, camping, but science still holds his interest the longest.  Its near impossible to get a serious answer out of him – Almost everything he says is coated in a heavy layer of sarcasm.”


It Just Is
One Day
45 Minutes of Normal
Not without a fight
When today, isnt that day
This week
Now more than ever
Fourteen here we come
C’est la vie
As of today
Going to be alright
What it is
To the teachers of the seventh grade:
On your 12th year
Too young to be grown up
Just what I thought
A hard subject
Happy Birthday Dylan
The story of a pineapple
Dear Kids
One Year
Gasp its a boy
The three C’s
Some days are ok
Dear Kids (part 1)
Spot the difference
Dylan & School
Change, Change, and more Change
…and then today happened

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