I can relate to this post.  So much: Awareness.  What a bulls*** word!

The Emotional Cost of Childhood Cancer

The Fiercest Warriors Against Childhood Cancer


Some Videos:

The Childhood Cancer Ripple Effect

Stand Up To Cancer

Truly Brave


My Own Personal Take On September:

To Remember or Not?


Some Buttons:




While in my experience, people get annoyed with the month of September, and everything childhood cancer awareness related, I say: Relax.  In a few days your life will return to normal.  Yellow will turn to pink, and people will once again move on without being forced to think about the unthinkable.  For me?  My life will never be the same.


All I have are pictures.  Memories.  And regrets.


Everyday I miss her.

Forgive the postings.  Forgive the colors.  Forgive the memories.  The remembrance.  The hope.  The fear.  Forgive me, and millions of others – for wanting to end this disease.  But for some, its all we have.  The small glimmer of hope – that maybe one day, others will be spared the pain of hearing the words: Your child has cancer.


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