Ba Humbug

I wasn’t feeling in the Christmas spirit much this year to begin with.  My holiday spirit fizzled out somewhere in mid November, and never really returned.  I grumbled my way though shopping, and the excitement all around.  I briefly considered letting it just go this year, with only Josh to contend with – knowing he could really care less.  But since it wouldn’t be fair to pull the wool over his eyes, I made a go of it.

Christmas day came and went with little notice.  The presents still sit unwrapped under the make shift tree that wasn’t rearranged this year due to the constant coughing, gagging, and lack of healthy germs.  As Christmas came to a close, and a new day ticked in, I realized we weren’t going to escape the year without an annual visit to the ER.  A few days prior landed us in the walk in clinic with a diagnosis of the starting of pneumonia, some antibiotics, and instructions to drink lots of fluids.

Except that the day before Christmas, everything that went down came back up, and with no fluids or medicine the entire day, a fever and a general crappy sound coming every time he breathed – I bit the bullet and hauled him in.  The walk of shame that no one ever wants to make.  Hauling an obviously sick kid into the ER room on Christmas.

After spending the better part of the early morning hours, they admitted him to a room where he has spent the last 24+ hours.  Its as much fun as it might sound.  With crappy coffee, hard chairs, and no smoking indoors.  As well as a sick kid who sounds like a wheezing freight train, doesn’t like new places, people touching him, or eating anywhere but home.

His discharge date was originally today, and after anticipating it all long night, a quick listen to his lungs landed him another night in, and officially sent my enthusiasm for being here over the edge.  I know it could be worse, really I do.  And I feel stupid even saying it but excuse me for a bit while I get upset over the minor fact that we have to be here.  Another night.  I know we could be here longer, and I know I should be thankful for doctors and nurses and everything else.  And I will be.  In time.

Tonight, however, Im just thankful for the glimmer of hope that he may get to go home tomorrow, and if nothing else, it gives us something to look forward to in the new year.  Being home.  Where coffee doesn’t suck, and there arent people walking in and out every 5 minutes.

And health.

Because one can never be too thankful for health.


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