It does exist

Ive been kicking around the idea of posting something or not.  You see, I started this month with the full intention to write something everyday, for an entire month.  Something dedicated to bringing awareness to childhood cancer.  Some years, I don’t really want to say anything.  I figure there is enough “awareness” to the dreaded disease, so I really don’t want to spend my time talking about it.  But this year, I wanted to.  I needed to.  I HAD to.

But then, life got in the way.

And as we all know, sometimes life gets messy.  And this month was messy.  And confusing.  And complicated.  And it all went by so fast.  Which is good in one way, and bad in another.  All that is to say that as we close the month out, and I haven’t said but one thing – I feel the need to atleast finish strong.

I just read a post from a family who has battled childhood cancer in more than one way.  Two sisters, whos sons both got cancer.  One survived, and one didn’t.  The strong feelings of confusion and guilt were just to much.  I too have often wondered – why do some survive and some don’t?  Why do the treatments work on some, and not others?

Just last night, as I talked with a friend who has an older family member, diagnosed with an incurable illness, it struck me.  Just how short this life is.

Lots of people this year have been anti awareness.  Claiming most are hoax, scams, etc.  And maybe they are, maybe they arent.  Im not going to spend my time trying to find out.  All I want to say is that childhood cancer does exist.  And it shouldn’t.  And I don’t know how to stop it, and I don’t know what cures need funded the most.

But I also know – that life is short.  So short.  So instead of waiting for something tragic to shake your life up enough to make you realize it, let me offer a small bit of advice, for free: Life is short.  Don’t wait until tomorrow.  Life life  to its fullest.  And don’t leave room for regrets.  No – it wont change anything.  But it does make this life a little more bearable.


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