Dont forget to stop

Sometimes I get upset with this broken world, full of selfish, stuck up, self centered people.  Such as myself.

Sometimes I really just don’t understand this world.  These people.  Who are in such a hurry to get from one point to another.

Sometimes I just want to yell at them to STOP.  GETTING.  SO.  CAUGHT.  UP.  In things that don’t matter.

Sometimes I do.  I do tell them this.  But the words fall on deaf ears.  Because people?  Are in such a big hurry.  A hurry, to hurry up and wait.

Sometimes I wish people would tell me to just STOP.  And take it all in.

Sometimes I wonder where these people are going.  So fast.  In such a hurry.

Sometimes I watch people, so frantic.  So fast.  Hurrying, scurrying.  Running.  Speeding.

Sometimes I wish for a slower pace of life.  Sometimes, I wish I didn’t have to be a part of this hurried world.  In such a hurry that they don’t stop and realize whats important.

In a world with instant everything.  In a world of fast cars.  Moving sidewalks.  Airplanes.  Microwaves.  Email.  Drive-throughs.  Express delivery.  Telephones.  Smart phones.

In a world where you want it – you got it.

I think we forget.  I think we forget that we arent the only ones here.  That there are others out there, and sometimes – we just need to slow down.  Put the brakes on.  Enjoy each others company.  Book some time off to do absolutely nothing.  Travel.  See the world.  Let someone cross the street.

But instead.  We create groups where we celebrate, and pat each other on the backs for doing things that we already SHOULD be doing!  We praise people who do simple acts of kindness.  We call them heros when they save their neighbor from a burning building.  But why?  Shouldn’t we all be doing this?  Shouldn’t we all be reaching our hands out to help another?  Shouldn’t we all be stopping to help that older person cross the street, or smile at the little boy bouncing down the road?

In a world filled with self-centered people, on the look out to better themselves – we forget.  We lose the significance of a small childs laugh, and forget to see the good in a red light.  We forget.  Or we choose not to see.  Or we cant see.  Because our eyes are filled with deadlines, and due dates, projects, and self pronounced busyness.

While we are busy being too busy – life is ticking by.  Kids are growing up.  People are hurting.  The world is hurting.  But we are too busy to notice.  Instead we swing by the drive through, while on our phone, booking our next meeting.  We blaze past the old woman on the side of the road, and don’t think twice about the little boy crying.

Until its us.

Until we are old, and need help.  Until we can no longer meet our constant demands and then we realize – while we were too busy being busy, we have forgotten the only thing that really matters.  To look outside of ourselves, and help someone in need.  Because you never know when you will need a hand, or an ear, or a kind voice at the end of the line.

Instead of praising ourselves for giving a homeless man 5 cents – why don’t we scold ourselves for not thinking of others more often?

Don’t forget to pause, smile, offer a kind word.  You never know whos day you will brighten, just by giving a small bit of yourself.  Just by making a habit of being nice to others – even in your self proclaimed busyness.  Because one day, I guarantee – you will need a smile just to get you through the day, and if you don’t share one with someone – who will share one with you?


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