I believe

I believe.

I believe that having a bad day does not mean you are depressed.

I believe that spanking your kids does not make you a bad parent.

I believe that a smile can turn anyones day around.

I believe that everyone is too busy being busy, in a rat race of life.

I believe that if we all slowed down, and took time to appreciate what we had – we wouldn’t want more.

I believe that the sky is grey, and not blue.

I believe that the sun exists.  Behind the clouds.

I believe that behind the clouds of many people, is sun.

I believe that many people choose not to look beyond.

I believe that so many people hurt.  Yet cover it up.  Out of fear.  And shame.

I believe that everyone is fighting a battle.  A hard battle.

I believe that being kind to someone does no harm.

I believe that life is short.  Time is quick.  Moments are fleeting.

I believe that love is hard.

I believe that it will be ok.  If not today, tomorrow.  If not tomorrow, the next day.

I believe that a positive attitude goes far.  So far.

I believe that many people choose the easy route.  The same route.  The boring route.

I believe that people are scared.  And that their choices, day in and out – reflect their fears.

I believe that life is hard.  People are mean.  And feelings are real.

I believe that sometimes, you just need that extra boost.

I believe that kids are brats.  Yes, even yours.  Even mine.

I believe that kids grow up to be adults, who are also brats.

I believe that adults who grow up being brats – hurt other people.  On purpose, because they are scared.

I believe that people need to grow up, and stop hurting others.

I believe that we humans have great potential, but we have been beat down so far, by others, by ourselves, by society, by life – that we forget to stop.  To look outside the box.  To see the good in others.  To smile.  To give a helping hand.  To help someone else.

I believe.  That you are more than you think you are.

I believe that you want to be more.  But maybe you don’t think you can be.

I believe.

I believe because I know.  I have been that kid.  That adult.  I have been hurt, and I have hurt others.  Intentionally, and unintentionally.  I believed that I could be nothing.  And I believe that while I might not be a great name in history, that maybe I could do something small.

I believe.  That with a positive attitude, a smile, and a little luck – you too, can do something.  No matter how small.

“Small things can make a big difference.  It takes only a small pin to burst a big balloon.”


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