Slow down

I don’t usually make new years resolutions. I don’t really put too much thought into the new year, other than a few mental thoughts about the past year, and a few future thoughts about where we will be heading THIS year. But honestly, the year to me starts over pretty much everyday I wake up. It’s the new start that everyone raves about. But it happens everyday. Waking up new years day wasn’t any different than waking up the day before.

The other day I was in the store getting some coffee when I overheard a conversation between a man and his younger daughter. She was whining about not wanting to be there, and as he attempted to get her fingers in her gloves he consoled her by saying that he didn’t want to be there either – but that they were stuck – for three years.  It struck me as odd, how he planted little bits of discontentment into his young daughters mind.

Earlier today, I was talking with someone else who happens to work in a similar position as the man I mentioned above. A transfer every three years. He was saying how most times leaving a place is ok. But that it would be hard to leave this town. He went on to say that in all his years of moving, and uprooting and replanting that he has learned to make the best of the situations. It might not be ideal, but he tries to give it the best shot – for not only him, but his families sake as well. He said that it makes leaving harder – because you really get to appreciate where you are.

And then I got to thinking about life, and how all that applies. And it really hit me – that I don’t always make the best of the situation.

Sometimes I just want to fast forward through something and come out the other side to see if it was all worth it. Sometimes I just want to skip over things that I find difficult, and moan about how I don’t want to be there. Sometimes I don’t WANT to make the best of the situation – choosing instead to complain. But what if…

Looking back over this past year, I see a lot of mistakes. I see a lot of troubles that could have and should have been avoided. I see a lot of unnecessary errors. I see a lot of avoidable trials. And I see another year and I sigh heavily because here we go again. We made it through 12 months, we have another 12 to make it through…except at the end of those 12 there are another 12 and well, it doesn’t stop. Until it does. And then it does….

But what if…

What if instead of moaning about how I really don’t know where I want to be in life, and how I am stuck, and well, really am not completely happy with my circumstances – I stop. What if I stop. And just be. What if I slow down. And realize. And appreciate. And enjoy. And give attention to those things (and small people) that REALLY need attention. What if I stop chasing my tail and trying so desperately to please the unknown person inside of myself? What if I just accept things for how they are – and enjoy it?  Make the best out of my situations – which if I really think about, arent all that bad.

What if we all just slow down this year. And focus on whats important, what we have.  Making the best out of the situations we are in, so when the year comes to an end – its hard to leave it behind.  What if we just stop. And pay attention. What if we stop racing so hard, and so fast and enjoy where we are? Stop trying to achieve something, and just focus on what you already have. Stop. Slow down.  Stop trying to reach for what you don’t have, when you really do have plenty in front of you. Embrace it. Hold it. Focus on what you have, and suddenly – it wont matter what you don’t have. Focus on who you ARE already and what you have already – and who you arent (and what you don’t have, cant do, didn’t accomplish) wont matter.

It goes by fast, too fast.  This year I hope I am able to slow down, and take it all in.  Every bit of it.

Slow down.

Slow down.

Slow down.


One comment

  1. Oh. Oh. Oh. I just LOVE this post. It is absolute perfection.
    I think we all suffer from this. Just trying to make it through instead of enjoying and making the best of it.
    Thank you for the two different examples (perspectives) in the beginning and your thoughts as well. It really just hit me when I needed to hear it, and I thank you.
    Hope this year (and each there after) is a year well lived. Happy New Year!

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