How We Roll

This morning was pajama day at school.  I couldn’t explain to him why he didn’t need to get dressed, but instead could lounge in his jammies all day.  He didn’t want to, I didn’t make him.  He showed up dressed for the day.  No, he doesn’t usually sleep in his clothes, but you know what if the kid doesn’t want to wear his pajamas to school – then he doesn’t have to.  Its just how we roll here.

Last night he fell asleep on a rug made from a bear.  Instead of cuddling his beloved bear, he was hugging the head of the bear rug.  A real bear head.  A real bear hug.  I left him there, under the lights of the tree, clutching the real bear head.  Because its how we roll.

Unused to the climbing slippery stairs to get to bed (or stairs at all) he slipped and slid ½ way down.  We all waited a second anticipating whether or not tears would follow, and instead of waiting, I sat down and rode the stairs the rest of the way down with him.  Laugh or cry.  Its how we roll.

Christmas is low key this year.  A few presents that may or may not get opened, a small dimly lit tree.  The cookies were eaten last week, and there isn’t holiday music or stockings by the chimney.  All is not quiet, not even the mouse.  But its ok.  Its not because we arent happy, or celebrating, or having a good time.  Because we are.  It may not be the way everyone else does it, but it’s the way we do.  It’s the way we roll.

Tomorrow I will get up early, take the kid to the airport, slap him in the back of the head and tell him to behave as he gives his wicked smile of “yea right” and heads off to spend the holidays with grandparents.  Ill take the shortest one home and for the next two weeks wonder how hes doing, and hope hes having a good time.  Its how we roll.

I may or may not cook a turkey.  Or a ham.  Or anything for that matter.

There weren’t cards sent this year.  A few packages were assembled, and mailed.  Late.  It may or may not really feel like Christmas, and I may or may not be looking forward to a new year.  Its how we roll.  Its what we do.  Its not right.  Its not wrong.

Its just is.  And it just is so simply…good.

Life is what you make of it, if Ive learned anything these past few years its that time doesn’t slow down.  It doesn’t pause.  It doesn’t rewind.  You cant slow down the good times, or speed up the bad.  Instead, you can either choose to enjoy, or don’t.  And this year…this season…Im going all out with what feels right.  Not what tradition says.  Not what everyone else does.

Because its just how we roll.


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