Fourteen here we come

Some reason writing something for your birthday has never come easy to me.  Just as the silent nods are more than enough of communication – a simple its your birthday, eat lots of cake – seems to be just enough for you too.

These past few months, with the absence of Madison has left a subsequence silence that seems to fill the entire house.  Its funny how, without the constant rattling of someone’s voice, you tend to hear the other things.  The silent things.  The unsaid things.  The unspoken words.  You read into the silence more I suppose…You hear things the things that arent being said.

I guess you could say that I have had more of a chance to pay attention to you, and the things you arent saying, instead of the few words you DO say.  I guess you could also say that you often got overlooked – with Josh needing more attention, and Madison demanding it – you were the easiest to leave to yourself.  And you enjoyed it.  I assumed.

Watching you these past few months – having to step out, having to talk up, having to do things that normally would have been done for you – has been interesting.  And fun too in a way.  Watching you take flight.  And expand into things you probably wouldn’t have normally, having been content to sit by the sidelines and watch.

I know its been a struggle for you, but Im pretty sure you know its worth it.  Because you don’t give up.  You keep right at it.  Unless of course its math.  And if there is one thing I hate more than math itself, its trying to explain it to someone who hates it just as much as I do.  You would rather spend your time negotiating why you shouldn’t HAVE to do it, than actually trying to learn it.  And that’s ok.  Maybe one day you will land yourself as a negotiator.

My hopes for you this year is that you really are truly happy – no matter if you are out scoring the next big goal or sawing logs on the couch.  You are a pretty awesome kid, and I hope you never outgrow that.  But enough of all this – Its your Birthday, eat lots of cake, and skip your math homework.  Just tonight.


Happy Birthday kiddo,

Your Uncle


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