The Invisible

When every tear has been cried.
Every pain been felt.
Every word said.

When there is nothing left,
And your heart has been shattered.
Your spirit crushed and your soul has been broken.

When there is not even numbness to be felt.

Then what?

Your mind screams to end
But your heart refuses to hear
And with every beat you are
Reminded.  You were spared.
Or were you?

When you cant stay awake, but
You cant sleep.  You cant stand
But you cant be seated.  When
You feel as though you are
Floating, yet held firm to the

When you realize there is no way
Out but you arent even in.  When you
don’t belong, but you hardly exist.  Looked
Over, talked above, rarely noticed.  When
You touch yourself to see if you are there.

When you wish you weren’t.

When the troubles of life are all too much
And you find yourself angry and the good!

Then what.  Where do you run when your run out of road.
What do you say when your run out of words.
How do you say what you don’t even know,
When you don’t even exist.

How can you run, when you are nothing
And have nothing to run from.

Like a dream it is so real
But it only exists to the one whos dream it belongs to.
The imaginary walls fall and crush
But no one is there to lend a hand
because to them, it does not exist.
The problems you create are your own.
Your dreams
Crashing in
Invisible to anyone.


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