This year

Easter 2012

This year, we didn’t dye eggs. I mean, we tried? The eggs just never made it that far. As of Easter Eve, we had two decent eggs, white in color, that have survived.  That were rotten.

This year, we didn’t have ham.

This year, the Easter bunny still showed up – even thought 2/3 of them hold to their claims that he doesn’t exist.

This year, we saw the Easter bunny skipping down the sidewalk. And the 2/3 who didn’t believe? Werent sure what to say.

This year, certain kids ate way too much candy.

This year, a certain kid had an accident because of the above mentioned combined with the fact that he couldn’t get his pants undone.

This year, we had no unexpected guests. And no neighbors. No random kids.

This year, because we didn’t have ham, and instead had turkey, it felt like a very warm thanksgiving.

This year, we had sun. And 60 degree weather.

This year. Today. Was just another day in the whole scheme of things, but someone told me something in passing, that meant a lot to me, without her even realizing it.

Something simple, yet true. She simply said that these are the things they will remember when they grow up. When its all said and done, they arent going to remember the stupid things that I try so hard for. But they will remember the silly things. They probably wont remember the turkey vs. ham debate, but they might, if were lucky, remember the moments of too much candy, busting a gut laughing about something that really wasn’t all that funny. And in the end? What does it matter if they had too much sugar this year.

This year? We were here. Together. Laughing.

And those are the things I want to hang onto, this year.  And the things I want to remember.  For years to come.


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