Its funny, little kids.  How much they strive to be like grown ups, and what makes them feel like they are all grown up.  Its funny, how when you are little, the things you think are most impressive and the things you do while trying to imitate an older person.  Little minds, soaking it all in and spitting it back out with their own spin.  Its funny how some things are never out grown and how some things just seem to be born in.  The humor in the word “Fart.”  The lack of connection between between hurting someone, and you getting hurt.

As adults, I think the only thing we manage to change, is the we figure out how to mask ourselves to be more ‘adult’ like.  Underneath that work suit and college degree, behind that sophisticated “I have it all together” look, is a child.  Lost in a sea of other “Grown ups” stifling a laugh and hiding that smile in the name of adulthood, and the desperation of wanting to be grown up.

Turning markers in for computers, and jokes for success, what we really loose Im afraid, is the ability to be.  What we lack is the knowledge to know when and where a certain behavior is acceptable – just like most children.  What we all want, from the time we are born to the time we die, is to not be alone.

A two year old cries from his crib, lacking the know-how to say what he wants – he its there.  In his head, and in his eyes.  He wants to be held, just a little bit more.  He wants to know he is not alone, and that everything is ok.  He doesn’t care about tomorrow, he doesn’t care about last night.

A 70 year old man begs to not be left.  He doesn’t have the strength to say what he needs, he might not even know.  What he knows is this – He doenst want to be alone.  “Don’t leave” his mind says, don’t go.  And much like the toddling baby who doesn’t know how to put words to his wants, his eyes say it all – Don’t go.  Hold me once more.  I don’t remember yesterday, and I might not be here tomorrow.  Don’t leave me, his eyes say.

While we have words, what we lack – is not pride.  Putting off ourselves for a moment and taking the time to realize – those who have words, don’t always use them.  And those who don’t, only with to.

Hold them close.  Love them hard.  Don’t take a single thing for granted.  Here today, and gone tomorrow.  Love now while you can.  Use your words while you may.  You never really know how much you will just want to say:

“Hold me.  Don’t go.  I love you.”


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