Dear Self of 2005,

Dear Self of 2005,

All those things you worried about?  All those stupid things that people said were important?  Turns out they really weren’t.  The bedroom floor is still a mess, and has been since the beginning of time.  It’s the new look.  The clothes issues?  The ones where washing things that had only been worn for a few minutes at a time?  Never stopped.  And never will stop.  The clothes will just get bigger, and the material smaller.  The eating issues?  You really shouldn’t have worried about that.  They will learn to like sugar anyways, and trying to force the vegetables will only turn something green into a fight.

You really shouldn’t have worried about matching all those socks, they wont last another year and don’t ever buy anything new again.  It will be outgrown the next day.  The attitudes you think you have to deal with now are nothing to what you will be facing in six years, so just sit back and enjoy all the whining and screaming, over the choice of movie.  Because lets face it, in six years you will be fighting bigger battles over why R rated movies should not be seen.  Let them watch that cartoon again, you will be begging for these days.

Quit complaining about how noisy it is.  In a few years you will be dreading the silence, and wishing for these days.  Yes, that’s right, in a few years you will be wishing for these days you cant seem to get away from.  Spend more time watching the kids grow instead of worrying about how messy the place is.  I have news for you – it wont change.  Until one day, you suddenly find yourself in a clean, empty house.

Soak it all up.  And stop trying to give the kids away.  Let them stay up late, and sleep in a tent outside.  Atleast they are within yelling distance and not at some friends house you don’t really like.  Speaking of friends…those brats hanging around now?  Wont be there in a few months, so don’t waste too much time stressing about them.  They will long be forgotten…and replaced by something much worse.

You cant preserve the kids, they wont stay little for long, and while I know right now the only thing you can really think of is getting them grown up, don’t push it.  They will get there soon enough.  One day you will wake up and wonder what happened, where they went, and who these monsters are.  Trust me.  I know.

Answer all the questions you can now, because a time will come when you cant.  Laugh with them, because eventually they will think you are laughing AT them.  And a short time later, it simply wont be funny.  Let them think you know it all, and make them believe you hang the moon because eventually they will have you outsmarted, and you will only have the distant memories of them being none the wiser.

Don’t try to protect them.  They will find another way around it, and if you make it off limits – they will be drawn to it faster.  One day you will be in the passenger seat of the car, just remember that.

Finally, hear what people say, but don’t take it all to heart.  Some of that information is useless.  Go with what you think is best, and can the rest.  Because in a few years it really wont matter how many peas were eaten, and how clean the fridge was.  You wont be able to remember a time when there was anything but loud music, and arguments.  Enjoy the silly times…because they will be replaced with eye rolling, attitude, and doors slamming in your face mid sentence.  Don’t take it personal, its just how it will be.  Its just how things happen.  Its just how life is.

The devils you think you live with now, will soon be just a distant memory…even though you will always see them as being this little.  Take it in.  Take it all in.  And don’t miss a minute.  Because in an instant, it will all be replaced by something foreign and even more unknown.  You might not be doing anything right, but someday, one day, it will only be a memory.  So don’t stress it, 2005.  2012 will soon take over, and you will be wishing for simpler days.  I know.


2012 you


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