Now, Today.

Today. I am doing something scary. Something almost unheard of and totally off the wall that it scares me. Today, I am taking some of my own advice. “Just take it one day at a time. Dont think of how long it has been, or how long it will be. Just take today. And tomorrow? Deal with tomorrow.” Today. I am dealing with today and what today has to offer. I am not thinking about yesterday, and I am not looking to tomorrow. Today. I am looking at today, and doing what I need to deal with what today has to offer.

I will deal with the future when it comes. I will kick myself for bad decisions then, and not now. Im tired of trying to playing future teller, and getting it all wrong. So much in this life is unpredictable, there is no sense worrying about something that I can do nothing about, or something that might disappear in the wake of tomorrow.

For now. For today.


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