Atleast they wont be able to say I didn’t try

Because try I did. And try I do. Even when I know something wont work, I still give it a try, just incase there is some small drop of hope that it will work out, even though I know it wont. Yea, Im not one for positive thinking. I prefer to walk into a situation and know what Im getting into, and be pleasantly surprised if it happens to go different than I expected. Which it hardly ever does, just keeping it real.

The other day, Madison found out that a movie she really (really really really) wanted to see was playing in the theater. (Note: she has move past needing something, and just simply wanting something a hundred times over now. When did that happen.) I considered taking just her. Her and I. But then I figured that wouldn’t go down well, with her, her friends, or the other kids either. After deciding that we would skip on of Joshs nights (because we all need breaks) I told them they could each pick one friend to bring because I was not going to be paying $300 to bring the town of friends into a theater. One. That was all.

Madison bartered – begged – and pleaded. HOW could she just pick ONE?? Dylan said he would take Josh as his friend while Madison asked if she could take his “Friend” and add it to hers, and bring two instead. To which I said no. Just one. One was it.

After the injustice of it all was settled, and the one friend was picked, we headed off.

The whole time I was wondering if brining Josh was a good idea or not. He doesn’t have a very good track record for movies, especially movies in the theater. I think he has sat (or tolerated) one. But the rest are a downhill episode for all involved that usually end with me sitting in the hallway while he flips out. Im beginning to wonder if people see us coming and cringe, in anticipation of whats coming. Silently whispering to their friends “I hope THEY arent going to the same movie WE are.” Not that anyone has ever said that. I just wonder sometimes.

We made it in, paid a fortune, grabbed over priced junk that no one needed, said no to a hundred and on requests to get just one more thing, and found some seats.

Atleast, we started out in seats. Not even ten minutes into the advertisements, Josh decided he had enough and was not going to sit through a two hour plus movie. He started to panic, and we found our way to the stairs that run along side the chairs. Which is where someone breezed past, and Josh dropped his popcorn.

I always have a hard time trying to decide what to do in situations with him. Do I take him out so he doest disrupt everyone else? Do I leave him in so he can atleast have a somewhat normal movie night? Is it going to disrupt everyone if hes scooting up and down the stairs? Even if hes quiet? Should I interrupt the movie and ask everyone if its ok if he sits along the side? Are we breaking some fire rules? I seriously wondered if at any minute an officer would walk in and tell us we had to leave. Thankfully nothing too terrible happened.

We watched from the sidelines, tried not to disrupt anyone, and didn’t get kicked out.

I will say he did better than he did the first time we went – he lasted most of the way, didn’t make too much noise, and stayed in MOST of the movie.

It wasn’t ideal, but were working on it. Were getting there. Were trying. And maybe someday he will be able to enjoy the movie from the seat. But for now, I will sit on the stairs with him, clean up the popcorn, and attempt to make sure we don’t disrupt TOO many people.


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