Tonight its quiet. Like it used to be.

Quiet like I don’t like. But quiet that comes. And goes.

I have no words, but have to write.

I miss.

I let myself return, to those days. Remember. Laugh. Smile. And when the memories are gone – they are gone. For good.

I want to relive. Repeat. But I cant.

The other night my friend told me she had a dream. And I was in it.

She said I showed up with three other people. Another man, and two females.

One had blonde hair; one was a brunette.

My friend told the blonde to take the boy somewhere.

A little boy. About three.

Why do they visit others dreams, and not mine.

What are they telling me, if anything.

I wanted to know more about this blonde; and this boy. Did they know each other? Were they close? Happy? But I couldn’t ask, for fear she would think Im crazy – which isn’t to say Im not.

I miss them; even though I try not to think of them.

I asked one final question. She told me there were other kids.


Not four.

For once more we were altogether, all but one. I wonder where she was.

If she was ok. If she was the one bringing the dream.

And then I told her to stop dreaming, because heaven knows if dreams stop, so will the memories. So will the reality.

I miss them all, and I wonder what it all means. If anything.

She couldnt tell me; and I couldnt tell her.


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