Rubix cube

My rubix cube box of a boy.

He came put together in a neat package, with colors lined up, ready to great the world.  But over time, it seems that people have twisted him in ways that he shouldn’t have been twisted, and now…hes mixed up.

When someone decodes the rubix cube box, it makes the news.  I only get frustrated, and attempt to peel the stickers off to put them so they look right.

Yellow on one side, Red on the other.  But orange and green are mixed together.  Orange on one side, green on the other.  Now yellow and red are tangled with blue.

It’s a pattern, a style, there is a way to crack it…but no one seems to tell.  It’s a secret, one that was told long ago, and perhaps forgotten.

In our cookie cutter worlds, we think that life is suppose to be straight.  Red on one side.  Blue on the other.  When red mixes with blue we scramble to separate them, and sort them back to how they should be.  Two colors.  Opposite sides.  Nothing mixing, nothing in between.

But it isn’t always that way.  Sometimes it mixes and there is no un-mixing.  No amount of re-twisting and re-turning will undo the mess.  And sometimes we throw the box in anger or frustration, WISHING we could crack the code.  The code of the colors.  Wanting to set it free, to make it “Right” again.

He has changed my perspective, made me realize that red and blue mixed with some green can be beautiful in its own way.  Sometimes the yellow mixing with orange can be hard on your eyes, it makes you squint, or turn the other way.  People see “Unfinished” or “Undone” or “Wrong.”  And don’t look another minute.

Life is complicated, everyone is different, and not everyone the same.

Different squares of life, mingled together to make the confusing squares of life.  Mixed together to make one box.


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