I have been wordless today.  Just sick with pain, knowing what they are going through.

A good friend of mine, who I was just going to write about if I had ever gotten time, was in a plane accident this morning.  His dad showed up at my work – and I spent the majority of the day at their house.  Saying nothing, because what do you say?

It puts a whole new spin on things, once again.  It takes reality and turns it upside down.  It just doesn’t even have words to describe it.  Just sickening pain, knowing.  Knowing.  Knowing.

The pain that is so tangible, the heart ache, the heart break.  Everything about it, no matter what way you cut it, slice it or dice it…is just tragic.

It once again leaves only questions, no answers.  Questions that I already know have no answers are still poking at my mind, begging for reason.  Why him?  Why this family?

In some small way I can now justify the deaths that have effected me, I didn’t deserve any of them, and yes, maybe they are all better off now.  But this, seems so unjustifiable.  So unreal, so tragic.  So.  Unexplainable.

If there was a family that was perfect it would have been them, there was no explainable reason for this to happen.  No logical explanation.  No words to be said.

Pilot killed in crash


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