Giving it a rest

Before I send myself over the edge, and go any crazier, Im just going to give this topic a rest for a little while until I can think things over, before making a choice for him.


One comment

  1. Do you mean you are trying to decide what to do about Josh?

    What I would do is look for the place that has the most comprehensive therapy offered for kids with autism and I would move my family there.

    Madison and Dylan will be fine no matter where they are as long as they are with you. Josh has made amazing progress and I think he also needs to remain a part of your, Madison and Dylan’s family. All three of the kids need to feel secure in knowing they will not be given to strangers again.

    Trying to cope with Josh is not working and probably will not work. Josh needs skilled help that will allow him to have the most productive life he can have. As a family, you need the tools that will help you remain a happy functioning family while dealing with Josh’s needs. He needs a school and a therapist that are skilled dealing with kids like Josh and their families. You need the peace of mind that will come when you become part of a plan to help Josh and allow you to keep your family together.

    By finding help for Josh you help Madison, Dylan and yourself.


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