Back in the swing of things

Were getting back into the swing of things here. The kids returned to school today after returning home last night from their grandparents, a trip they say is worth repeating.

We made it through bed time last night, and for the first time in the past two weeks, Josh willingly went to bed, and slept. All night.

We were up late, and out the door with minutes to spare, but all three of them made the bus as I walked into work, with minutes to spare I couldnt get over how nice it was to be back.  Back, in the swing of things.

We got home, made it through another day, and I attempted to make dinner – which is when I realized that everything is ok, because I burnt the living (use what ever word you please here) out of it all – but lived the tell about it.

A long while ago, while one of the kids complained about me not being able to cook their (at the time) favorite, someone offered me a few words of advice. The subject at hand? Grilled cheese. I can not, for the life of me, cook. Ive tried, I try, and 98% of the time, things are edible. But grilled cheese has always gotten the best of me. This certain person suggested putting them in the oven, before grilling them…and it worked. For the time being.

Tonight, I attempted to make that same subject for dinner.

Normally it goes something to the effect of I forget to turn the soup on, and spend 20 minutes stirring something that has no reason to burn. Tonight I made sure it was on. Infact, I turned all four burners on, just to make sure I got the right one on. The sandwiches were in the oven, the soup was heating up and the pan for grilling was sitting there, preparing for its job. I watched everything for a few minutes, and wandered off to put a few dishes away, or get Josh out of some situation, and then returned. Everything was ok.

So I finished the dishes.

Then went back.

Pulled the sandwiches out, put them in the pan, and stirred the soup.

All was well in life.

And then, I don’t know what went wrong. Because the next thing I knew there was smoke, the sandwiches were black and burnt and the soup – the soup that I looked over at just in time to see white froth coming out in a mushroom shape, before I let a string of words out, and everything went black. Literally.

Needless to say we didn’t have grilled cheese tonight. The kids may or may not have laughed, and howled, and laughed some more. Dylan may or may not have landed on the floor laughing, the smoke detectors may or may not have went off, the door may or may not have been flung open and there may or may not have been billows of smoke pouring out. There may or may not have been a fine layer of soup on the top of the stove, all of which was burning – because hello? All four burners were on!

And to make matters even better, I may or may NOT have taken a the hot, steaming, burning pan to the sink and turned the faucet on.

We stood outside a few minutes, laughing while waiting for the smoke to clear.  The neighbor came home, waved, and went on as if nothing at all had happened.  Because everything is normal here, we are back in the swing of things here.

You may or may not want to reconsider dining at our house.

Just in case you were wondering, this is what dinner time usually looks like at our house, you know, when we are back in the swing of things.


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