Happy New Year: Complete

I don’t have much time tonight (don’t ask…I know the I only have one kid but that doesn’t change things any). But I didn’t want to let the “New year” come in without any mention of it.

I know these past few days (weeks?) things have been towards the “Downwards” side…and while this year has had its ups – that have topped out and downs – that have bottomed out, but this year…has been a very different year. Different, meaning that the kids were here at the beginning of this year, and they are still here at the end of an entire year…something I honestly didn’t know if would actually happen.

This here, this life, isn’t always upbeat, and happy – as these past few weeks have demonstrated, but I wanted to end the year out with a few favorite posts that really seem to sum the year up. Good, bad, happy and sad.

It’s the end to one year, and the start to another.

Happy New Year




Cross Roads

We will be and are proud


Anyones welcome

No one could prepare me

Tinted windows

Another finalization

These are just a few of the moments that have stuck out through the year.  The ones that maybe arent obvious.  The ones that have made this year, complete.


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