Im waiting for the Hollywood ending to this soap opera called life.

Im waiting for everything to turn into something that would even warrant having a storybook ending.

Im waiting for something I know wont ever be.

Im stuck.

Between here and there. Between this and that. Im forced to choose right from wrong when I don’t even know up from down.

I see so many people so worse off than I, but I cant seem to see beyond any of my so called problems to lend a hand to help.

There doesn’t seem to be anything worse than the empty hopeless existence of pointless living.

I wish I could see the ending of this, of all this. To just flip forward and see a small glimpse of the end – but its then Im forced to remember – there is none.

It’s a continual circle that doesn’t have a beginning, and doesn’t have an ending…

People are stuck, on the never ending circle, called life, called a soap opera, called whatever you want with no beginning and no ending.


One comment

  1. Dave, the journey is the point and your journey depends on the choices you make. Your choices are a reflection of you now and the sum of your interpretation of your journeys to this point in time.

    The futures not ours to see…

    Hang in there my friend. Your are doing a good job, really.


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