Nothing new worth saying

Its been a rather difficult week, and I could go ahead and put the blame on numerous things, but the truth is I don’t know why.

Yesterday, someone randomly said that “When your having a bad day, all you have to do is look at someone else’s life to realize, that you don’t have it all that bad” and I cringed, when I heard those words.

I cringe every time I hear those words, or words closely related. I don’t know why, I just do. I know everyone has some sort of a battle, and I know that most likely, theirs are a lot worse than mine…but it doenst make me feel any better, or any different. Infact, it makes me feel a lot worse, thinking about all the other people who have things going on, and Im sitting here having a bad week because, well, who knows why, and well, it kind of makes the week just a little worse off.

Im trying, to stay positive.

But it doesn’t always work.

Its October, and what else can I say except that its been hard. I should be used to it by now…but Im not.

Maybe next year.


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