Better off?

Im trying to write something, but find myself getting tied up in knots every time I try.

Yesterday I found myself in the midst of a conversation that left me wondering just what this world has come to. I found myself talking to someone who talked to me as if I were a long lost friend of theirs, who they hadn’t heard from in years. Which I am not. During the conversation, he mentioned that when he is having a bad day, he likes to look at other peoples lives, to realize that he doesn’t have it all that bad. I could agree, to an extent, but my mind wandered a bit, while I thought of a debate I had just done with myself a few weeks back.

A debate that went something to the effect of, looking at other people, and thinking “Atleast Im not like them” only to quickly discover that you are like them, only…perhaps much worse off. Atleast that person knows they are nothing, while you were thinking you were something, that you weren’t. Atleast that person accepted things for how they were, and not how they WISHED they could be. It’s an exercise I run myself through, every once and a while…Realizing that I am not “All that.”

But I was quickly drug out of my past rant, with his next statement that caught me a little off guard:

“When you think that your life sucks you run into a handy cap person and it humbles the crap out of you cause they would change places in a heart beat”

It struck me wrong, in more than one way, for a number of reasons.

First off, it seems to imply that “Handicap People” are somehow, less than you. As if they are less than a person, and would rather have YOUR life, than their own. Secondly, it somehow implies that your life is better than theirs…and finally, I think that people, any person, can learn a lot from a “Handicapped” person, perhaps learning to accept people who arent “Just like you“ is a place to start.

Im sorry, but it annoys me.

I know Im not qualified to even be stepping on these grounds, but honestly, I don’t know why people look “Down” upon people who arent exactly like them, in every. Single. Aspect.

I guess, however, he answered himself, and my question at the same time when he said “When you think your life sucks, you run into a handy cap person…”. Is that really, what this has come to? Is that really what life has dwindled down to, making yourself feel good, at the expense of others, handicapped or not?

I realized quickly off, that I am not higher than anyone, and that I can learn a lot from other people, handicapped people especially. Ive come to realize that I shouldn’t place myself higher than anyone, and that when I do, I only realize, once again, that I have a lot of learning to do.

What upset me most, about the conversation, aside from the fact that he was downplaying people in general, to raise himself up, was that like usual, I didn’t say anything, and instead agreed by silence, wishing I had the guts to speak out against something that I felt the opposite about.

How does one know that by looking at a person -any person really, not JUST the handicapped – that they would trade lives?  Just because their life isn’t the same as yours, doesn’t mean they would trade it.  From my perspective, and from my prior argument, it doesn’t mean they are any better or worse off than you or I.

Its irks me. Big time. That people would actually think to place themselves so high.  As if somehow saying something that they don’t even know to be true, can turn it into a fact.

I will admit, I sometimes look at people, and find myself thinking “Atleast I don’t have that problem” or “Atleast I don’t do that.” But more often than not, I find myself realizing that not only am I “NOT better” than them, but I am, infact, worse off than the majority.


One comment

  1. I love this post, so true.

    Often times I’m timid and don’t speak up and dwell on it later on thinking what I should have said. Regretting that I didn’t speak up…

    I’m digging the new header too, very cool. Cute kids!

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