Monday Mumbers

I don’t usually participate in these things, but this week, I could pass it up.

“Monday Mumbers” inspired by Kia @ Good Enough Mama (which she is, by the way)

Yesterday was Madisons birthday…and with that in mind, I will continue with no further delays.

11 (plus1) – the number of girls I treated to McDonalds for lunch, for some ones birthday.

2 – the number of boys that accompanied us (guess who!).

35 – the number of money I forked over for said lunch. (I always knew girls were expensive).

½ – the number of things each girl ate…

12 – the number of mouths that were talking (and didn’t eat, and as a result, threw away ½ of their food).

0 – the number of conversations I actually understood while listening.

53 – the number of times I reminded them to “Hurry and eat” so we can get out of here continue on…

258,012,3 – the number of times I felt as if I was going crazy. Because 12 girls. Wow.

258,012,3 – the number of times I questioned my sanity, and the number of times I reminded myself that it was only for ½ hour until the rides arrived and shuttled the girls to their next stop.

13,453 – the number of stares we received.

2 – the number of stops we made after throwing eating  the $35 lunch.

503 – the number of times I warned my kids not to eat cake that fast.

506 – the number of times I told Madi and Dylan they could have one piece of cake.

3 – the number of pieces of cake I witnessed that each one of them ate.

4 – the number they most likely had.

500,033,231,123 – the number of presents Madi received for her birthday.

2 – the number that will most likely get looked at next week.

500,003,231,121 – the number of presents that will be tossed into the already packed full, room.

4 – the amount of bags that were hauled to the truck after the party was over.

Buckets – the amount of tears that were shed when I said it was time to go.

9:30 – the number it was when we left.

3 – the number of kids that were  TOTALLY JACKED UP on sugar when I took them home.

12:02 – the number it was when the kids were in bed (not sleeping, but in bed).

3 – the hours of sleep I actually got.

2 – the number of kids who got sick in the night.

364 – the number of days I have to think about things, until we repeat this…again.



  1. Been there, done that!

    Oh Dave, I remember those times with my daughter and as hectic as they were, I smile everytime I think about them.

    You did good Dave, very good.

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