Help for the “Helpless”

Before its to late…

Five months ago (has it really been that long?) when I got Josh back, we went through just about every hoop I could think of to find him some sort of help. If there was such thing. Each time I thought we had finally found the answers to this problem, we were turned away with the final words of “Hes helpless” hearing those words from so called professionals, time after time, after a while you began to wonder “Is there help?” because after a while you start to believe the only advice, the only things your being told. The only person who was willing to take Josh on, is his now current therapist – the only one willing to get his hands dirty with this so called “Helpless case”. Ive told this story before, haven’t I?

What Im trying to get at is this:

A few months ago, he told me that he really has no idea where to go with Josh. That his job is pretty much to deal with kids who already are diagnosed with something. He cant diagnose kids…and while he has a pretty good hunch, hes not completely certain, and there for, cant give a final diagnosis. He isn’t completely confident with his “Gut”. Instead, he referred us to a {help me out here} Psychologist (?) I have no clue if that is the right word. I mix them all up, and have given up hope on ever getting them straight. I call them all therapist…but Im not sure that’s the correct name. Anyways…he recommended that I take Josh down and get him evaluated. He said that once hes been evaluated, they will somehow corresponded long distance, and hopefully get this mess settled. From what Im told, getting an appointment with this certain doctor is not easy, and normally there is a waiting list. Somehow, Josh wound up with an appointment for last week. Now…let me explain something else.

A few months ago, I promised my mom that I would take the kids down on Spring break to see her. I totally forgot all about this and we took a trip to California a few months ago (remember?). I forgot all about it until just before last week, she reminded me, and I had to tell her that we couldn’t. I had totally forgotten and there was no way I could afford a trip that soon. Alaska has a special in the winter months on the ferry, and my mom, broke a deal I couldn’t resist. She offered to pay our way on the ferry, split the gas ½ and even fly the older two kids back home after spring break was over so Josh and I could attend his appointment. It was a deal I couldn’t really refuse, and took her up on it. But. We all know what happened here on Spring break, don’t we? Does “Six plus inches of snow” ring a bell? The idea of driving through Canada into the lower states, with three kids in the middle of a snow storm, suddenly didn’t sound so fun anymore…and I had to cancel our plans…Joshs appointment, was also, postponed until we can get out of here.

My mom still plans to fly up here (this afternoon), and when the weather clears, Josh and I will (hopefully) be south bound. The plan is was to leave Sunday – but this morning we woke up to blizzard like conditions, and now, Im not sure. If we don’t leave Sunday, the next ferry leaves Thursday, and so forth.

As of now, the plan is NOT to leave, but everything could change tomorrow. For right now, Im fine with staying put in THIS snowy land. Driving cross country with Josh, in a snow storm, doesn’t sound thrilling. Oh, it sounds exciting, and adventurous, but…Im not up for THAT kind of adventure just now. So for now, we will sit. We will wait, and hopefully, sometime not to far from now, the weather, and ferry schedule will align, and we might find “Help” for the “Helpless” Wish us luck, were going to need all we can get…


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  1. Dave, you are hanging in and doing what needs to be done and that is the best you can do. Three cheers for Dave!

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