Spring Break: Alaskan Styled

“Reporting Live, here from Alaska, answering the question, just what do we do for Spring Break?”

1. Drop kids off at a house, alone. Leave packs of cookies.

—The neighbor, had to leave this afternoon, and left Josh at home with the other kids. Which is fine…I think, I don’t know (?). Apparently Josh did ok, which, what four year old wouldn’t, they watched movies and ate cookies all day. Anyone want to take a crack at what I came home to tonight? No, it doesn’t involve flour. It involves “Three Sugar Buzzed Kids” though. Anyone want to see what hyper looks like, because Im looking at it now.

2. Kick kids outside into the fresh 2-3 inches of snow.

—After I got home, I got fed up with the noise, and rucus, and all around sugar buzzed-ness of them, and sent them outside to play. I don’t know, but I think Josh was a little TO “High” because I was standing out there, taking some random pictures to document that “Hey” it’s the middle of March, and were STILL snowed in” When I saw Josh hop on a sled with Madison. I did a little double take, and wondered if I should stop him then, or later…

 3. Take Pictures


—Yea. That is going to hurt. He didn’t cry. But he did look a bit…stunned when he walked back up the hill, and I don’t think he will be getting on a sled, anytime soon – but that’s just a guess.

4. Yell at whoever it is, that came up with “Spring Break” in the first place

—Spring Break.

Whoever invented such a day, should be forced to live with us on a “Not so springy” Spring Break day. Seriously. Its been 20 and below this week, and a “Winter watch advisory” for the rest of the evening. All day has been filled with heavy snow and showers. This is NOT Spring, so there should not be a “Spring Break”, no? Im guessing whoever it was, was NOT from Alaska.

Day two in Spring Break (could go something like this):

– They ate cookies all. day. long.
– After being cooped up in the house all day long, they went out side
– To, yes, sled on Spring Break.
– No one was injured, Im taking this as a good sign.

Two days down, 495,439,943,394,4322 hours left to go. Or, you know…something like that.


One comment

  1. Awesome! Down here in the Puget Sound area we had snow yesterday morning. The difference is, ours doesn’t stick (much).

    Dave, your spirit is light, congratulations!

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