Preschool & Josh

Yesterday I was suppose to go to a “Parent/Teacher” thing at Joshs preschool…but since he was sick, and I didnt really want to go out again, I didnt, and instead, went in today to see if there was something of importance that I missed.  His teacher was nice enough to run through things with me fairly quick.

I dont know if Ive mentioned it or not, but lately, Josh has been going to preschool, once a week for two hours.  Alone.  This, is a big step for him, and one that I wasnt sure he was going to ever take.  The first few times we went, he froze as soon as we got in the door, and any attempts from the teachers, or kids, would see Josh on the floor screaming like there was no tomorrow.  Eventually…he warmed up, and while he wouldnt participate, he would stay…and not completely flip out if I left, of course, it took us a good few weeks to get to that point.

She went through things one by one, saying that he wasnt interest in drawing, which he never has been.  Crayons have never appealed to him unless they were to eat…She said that he wont participate, except in one “Game” which is where he takes over, completing it.  They have conned it the “Josh’s matching game” because he wont let anyone else play it.  The game itself is suppose to teach kids shapes and colors.  The only problem is, different shapes are different colors, and a lot of kids his age and younger, have a difficult time getting the right color AND shape.  Apparently, Josh gets it right every time, and wont stop until its over.  Im not so sure this is teaching him how to share…but…she didnt seem concerned with that.

She continued on.  Saying that hes one of their best “Listeners” in that, when they read, or are told to stay in one spot…he will not move until directed to.  After she was done bringing out the best in him, she got off to the “Areas” of concern.  Like, his lack of vocabulary.  Shes been concerned about that since day one, and it was really nothing new.  She also said that he still gets a bit…antsy when I leave, but does settle down fairly quick.  She was a little concerned about his “Lack of ability to make friends” but said all the kids in there love him….”Oh…and did you know he has a girlfriend?” she mentioned it as we walked to the other side of the room where she was going to show me his first ever “Attempt with the pencil” she said it in passing, and I wasnt sure she was actually talking to me.

“Yea, hes pretty good with the little ladies, I must say…” she talked on for a few minutes about how two girls, sisters, were really…into him, and he seemed to be as well.  He often tries to share with them, and watches them closer than any of the other kids, I thought at first maybe he was just more…cautious about them, until she said that he actually shared his bear with them…then I knew it was more than just, him watching to make sure they didnt do anything to him…he doesnt share his bear, willingly with just everyone.

She showed me his “Pencil work” which was just a few dashes on paper.  It hung neatly beside the rest of the class’ papers, some of which had their names scribbled out…next to theirs his looked pathetic.  It looked…sad, and if you didnt know what you were looking for you couldnt even see anything but a blank sheet.

When I got home, I was still confused about him…having a girlfriend, I mean, I thought I had atleast a FEW years before one of them got a girlfriend/boyfriend.  But I was curious, and so instead…I decided to ask him.  The conversation with him went something to this effect:

“Josh…do you like John?” John, is a kid in his class who is known to be a bit…wild.
Josh was quick and shook his head.
“What about….Warren?” Another boy in his class, who isnt all that outgoing, sort of like Josh.
Josh waited a few seconds, and then slowly shook his head.
“How about….Alex?  Do you like her?”  Alex is a girl in his class…
He thought a few seconds, and shook his head again, no…apparently he didnt like Alex.
I listed off a few other names – none of who he seemed to like.
“What about, Ona?”
At the mention of her name, his eyes lit up, and he slowly started to nod his head…
“….and Evelyn?”
There was no mistaking it.  Josh apparently likes the “Sisters.”

After it was all said and done, she handed me an envelope, she said it had a few of his “Papers” and also, the class was having a “Picture day” where the plan was to take pictures of the kids and send them home with parents to show them what the kids have been up to at school.  The picture I got of Josh?

"Oooo...doesnt somebody look...giddy?"

"Oooo...doesnt somebody look...giddy?"

He doesnt talk, but he doesnt have to, apparently.  I guess Im not the only one who understands what he likes, and doesnt like.  His teacher knows, his “Friends” know…I think I might be with Josh on this one…Why talk?

I must admit, I had a good laugh when I saw that picture, first off…Hes smiling (which he has been doing more often) but he looks…almost like hes been caught, doing something, or hes not sure hes suppose to smile?  Either way…I will update on his actual “Progress” here sooner or later…Im just waiting, for the timing to be, you know, right?

Josh & SimonThis picture was also in there (although it was of the entire class – and I cut most of the kids out, just because…) I thought it was kind of neat to see him sitting that close to another kid who he doesnt know all that well…aside from his “Girlfriends” he gets a long pretty well with the other kids as well…I also smiled at the fact that he made sure his bear was part of this picture.


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