Heres to the weekend

Its been rough this week, with everything else that has been going, there have been the thoughts that I was going to have a three day weekend. While that would normally thrill anyone else, it sent panic waves to my mind. Not only did I not know what to do with three days off, I was worried about making it financially this month and didnt want to risk things with having three days off. Im used to working atleast 6 days a week. While the logical side told me things would be fine, that three days werent going to make or break anything, the not so logical side, argued the other side. Things were going to be a total flop, and as usual, I went off the deep end with the “Not so logical” side of things.

This morning, I got the kids off to school, and by the time Josh was up, I had the house cleaned, dishes done and the cats were even fed. Its a sad, sad situation when our house is clean, you have to know something was wrong. The internet was off and on today, and after Josh had ate, and was dressed, I had nothing left that had to be done. I didnt think he would be impressed if I followed him around, trying to remember what to do, or how to do it, and so instead, I loaded him up and we headed off towards town.

This week, of this month, is the one week that I love. Not this week in particular, but the one week that comes mid February. The one that gives the people who are crazy enough to live here year round, enough to hold onto, until Summer arrives. In the middle of the cold snap, the freezing weather that has been below teens, one week in February comes along and gives us all a tease. It warms up to about 20, the sun comes out, and things start to defrost some. It invites the birds back, and the plants start to bloom, and we the people, drag out our short sleeves, and shorts because something about the week of 20 degree weather in the middle of winter makes us believe that we live in Florida, and not Alaska. For one week, we can pretend. For one week, we run around thinking Summer is here, and we must be dreaming, because we are setting a record here people, five days straight of sun. Sure, its been cold, but not THAT cold, cold is in the teens and below. This is warm, this is Summer. I think we hit 23 today. This is clearly, big.

With that in mind, Josh and I headed off, windows down freezing ourselves off just to prove that we could and would, enjoy the small bit of sun light. Josh has been difficult today, the past few days, to be honest. He knows whats expected of him, and what not to do, but he does it anyways, and while its easy to let him get away with small things, I try not to. If he does some thing he knows hes not suppose to, he puts himself in time out, but it doesnt stop him from trying it over again not even five minutes later. Its frustrating, and he knows it. He pushes the limit, and trys to see just how far I will let him take something. Its the holding firm to what I say, thats been the problem. Its easier just to say “We’ll get him next time” instead of dealing with it then.

But today, I was determine to let some of the good weather rub off on us. I was convinced that we were going to have a good day, dammit. We pulled over at the beach, and I let him go. For the next two hours, we walked up and down the beach. We covered everything from rocks, to water, to seaweed. For the next two hours, he was able to just be. Be himself. Be who he was, and not have to worry about who was watching, who cared, or how to act. He laughed, he smiled, he looked at rocks, he tossed rocks. He was happy, and because of it, I was happy. Sure, it took him longer than average to cover the beach, it took us a while to get from one point to the other, and no, he wouldnt get near the water, but still. He was happy. He had a good time, and around then, I realized that I could get used to this. This time off. Especially if it comes in ways like this:


Heres to hoping that this weather, and attitude will carry on through the weekend. Heres to a better week, a better day, and an all around better way.


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