Not sure how to say it

All they know is that I told them to pack their bags, they are going to a friends house for a few days.  Which, isnt exactly a lie.  Its just…not what they think it is.

All I know: Nothing, except that I am either incredibly stupid, or up for an adventure of a life time.

It was a typical day, really…it was.  But it was around then that an idea stopped in for a visit.  The idea said something to the effect of “You know, you have tickets that need to be used by next month…what if you take the kids down to California to see that one person, you know, their friend who moved?” and, without thinking first, I jumped on “Ideas” idea, and responded by saying “Oh BOY!  That sounds like fun, how about we leave the 19th (knowing full well the 19th was Joshs court date)” and that.  Was that.

So.  Yea.

Somewhere deep in my mind, down where the non logical thoughts stay, I thought the 19th would be the only date that would work…and so it was…the tickets were booked and things were put together, and I didnt mention it to the kids, just in case…and then I remembered.  The 19th.  The…19th!  Thats…the day we go to court…and even though I was fully aware of this fact when I booked the tickets, it never registered with me until a few weeks ago.

Assuming things go well at court, we will make a mad dash to the airport and try to make it on time…the kids still, will have no idea…until we get off the plane and there…their friends will be waiting.

Assuming things dont go well at court…the kids wont know a difference, and instead, will just go to a friends house…

I wasnt going to say anything…I really had no logical words to string together (as you can see) but I wanted to say this.  If I dont say anything Monday, or Tuesday, or anything these next two weeks…things most likely, went ok at court.  However, if things dont go well at court…I will be back, going on about how things are so incredibly crazy…

I guess, what Im trying to say is no news, is good news.  Atleast, for now.



  1. Dave,
    I like the idea of a trip and that it works no matter what the outcome is in court but, if you lose Josh, will they take him right away?

    I am not so sure taking the kids out of school is such a good ides, especially if you are being watched by folks who have the power to take them away. But again, I like the idea of taking the kids on a trip. Heck, rich folk seem to take their kids everywhere and whenever!

    I do hopw that you notified the kids school AND collected school work for them while they will be away.

    Overall, I think a vacation with the kids is a great idea! Use the time away to further cement your relationship with the kids and HAVE FUN!


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