Because I wont do it tomorrow

…and I cant do it tonight,

…and Ive been functioning on less than 2 hours of sleep these past few nights thanks to the oh so famous words “I dont feel so good”…

This is as good as its gonna get:

I dont promise, but I hope to accomplish atleast one of the following tomorrow (A few years ago, one of my therapist sent me home with the above statement.  I never finished it, but instead, thought I would do something…crazy with it tonight):

– Assemble an atleast 1/2 way readable post, with words that make sense to atleast…myself.
– Clean the house, do the dishes and redo the laundry that the cats used as a litter box.
– Rehang the gutters that came off in the snow storm
– Take Josh to his therapist, atleast make an effort at going by another preschool
…and make it home on time to have the last visit with the state.
– Solve all the worlds problems
– Fix everything and anything
– Come up with answers to all the questions Ive been asked
– Make sense of lifes issues
– Solve Joshs problems
– Make it through the day without any break downs (from both the kids and myself)
– Try not to loose any kids in any stores
…and make it to bed at a reasonable time

But…because things will not go anything liked “Planned” Tomorrow will most likely, look something a little bit like this:

– There will be no post.  Infact, words wont have even been thought of because my mind will be a long way away from here.
– Forget cleaning the house…we got up late.  Whatever with the dishes, paper plates work wonders, and the cats can use those clothes…see if I care.
– Gutters?  Who needs em’ not us.
– Drop Josh off at his therapist and run around town trying to tie up all the loose ends I have…only to pick Josh up 15 minutes late, the attempt at the preschool will be the drive by we do on our way home to…
– Meet the state an hour late, where I will attempt to reason with her, explaining why were late, and the house is a mess, and why Josh is screaming and crying and throwing himself on the ground.
– Fixing the worlds problems wont even be on my list, Ive got enough of my own to fix
– Fix everything and anything into dinner because I didnt make it to the store, is the only thing Ill be fixing.
– Ive got the perfect answer to all those questions.  “I dunno…ask google” its worked so far…it will work for tomorrow
…and If I solve all of lifes issues…I think I might not be here…
– Solving Joshs problems will continue on another day, because I havent had the time to research anything anymore.
– There will be many of breakdowns, for sure.  Both from the kids, and myself.  I can already plan on that
– As far as loosing kids in the store?  As long as we stay away from the store, I cant loose em’
– Bed time will be set ahead a few hours, because something tells me tomorrow night isnt going to be any different…

Now, if you’ll be kind enough to excuse me, I have some kids to get back, to bed…or dishes to do, or you know…there is always sleep to be had…


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