-By Josh


“Talk, Why wont you talk” they say.  But I say, I do talk…I have.  You just wont listen.  I talk with my own words, and in my own way, just because you dont understand me, just because you cant hear me, doesnt mean Im not talking.  “Listen” I say.  “Listen to MY words”.

“Talk” they say.  “Just…Talk!”


But why waste my words, I wonder.  Why waste words, and why say hateful, hurtful things?  Why use your words, the way you do.  Why not listen, to what I say, and how I say it.  “Listen” I repeat “Listen to ME”


They use funny words, and say funny things.  They say that this round object, is a ball…when I choose to simply gaze and smile at it.  I prefer to laugh, and roll it.  I prefer to talk, with MY words, and use them MY way.  Just because that is a ball to you, doesnt mean its a ball, to me.  They bribe me.  “Talk” they say “Just TALK” But I continue to stare, wondering all the while, why wont they just listen, and understand MY words, and MY way.


Im confusing, Im frustrating, Im just to hard, they tell me.  Im worthless, and sometimes even a waste.  A mistake.  Somehow, their words are always right, and mine are always wrong.  Just because I dont use your words, doesnt mean I dont understand, and it doesnt mean I cant hear.  I hear your words, I understand your lingo.  I know what you think of me, and that you think Im a waste of time, space, and energy.  But I think…Im a boy.  Im a child.  Im still learning.  Im young.  Im confused.  Im frustrated.  Im hurt.  Why cant YOU understand ME, why cant you help me, why…why must I, help you.


“He needs to make progress” “Needs to talk” “He needs to show interest in life.  He needs to work with us…if he would just say a word” But why.  Why must I say a word, why must I talk, and why must I waste my words on you?  If you would listen, and you could hear, you might just understand my ways, and my quietness.  If youd watch me, youd see.  Im just a boy.  A small boy, with questions, and ideas, I wonder, and think.  I understand, and I can hear you.  Im learning. 

But you say “Talk”

“Just say a word” “Talk to us, and all will be ok”

But I say….”Listen…watch me, and learn.  Im a boy.  I have questions that need answered, I have hurts that need healed.  Listen.  Cant you hear me?  Listen…Listen to me”


One comment

  1. you would think that “they” would me more concerned about Josh understanding than talking. Communication can take many forms but comprehension is key.

    Happy New Year Dave. Blessings to you and your family.


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