Lack of (common) sense

Just because I have to….
You know, its impossible, to stay away from fast Internets long…infact I think I might just be having with drawls just thinking about leaving it behind…but hey…whatever…

Soooo….because I have to, and because I can, Im going to do this before I loose it all on the plane ride home, Im fearing the worse, considering things went smooth coming down…

Neither of the kids wanted to go back and try and to harras their grandparents into taking them shopping…and beings they were to “Busy” yesterday (and today, as well) and oh, the rest of the time because gosh, I should have told them…I opt to take them shopping myself, forgetting temporarily that I had a fear of shopping, and people and yadda yadda. When we arrived at the Walmart (er, Super Walmart, if it matters) I should have taken the hints with the numbered isles for parking, but I didnt. We parked. Jumped out, and hit the store. Upon entering I briefly considered turning and running for the hills. Let me explain….

Our Walmart? Isnt…”Super” as they call them here. We have no produce, dairy, meat center. We dont have 3 isles devoted to markers, and we do NOT have the separate section of the store all dressed up for gardening, we do, however, have a green house that shows up every Summer.

We have our nice little store all decked up with the latest greatest and such. We have the clothing, select shelf foods, and even? We have a photo area. We have electronics, and its big enough to loose yourself in….but not..literally…because you ALWAYS know which way is out…its…that size. The kind where its always crowded because the towns population likes to gather there….so yea.

Come on, you knew it was coming the day I got lost in a Walmart, er, SUPER Walmart store. Go ahead, laugh. Whatever. I would have to, if I werent busy trying to figure out how we went from “clothes” to “vegetables” and wondering where the hell we WERE, because last time I checked? We were in Walmart. While it was obvious? We were lost? There was NO WAY I was going to ask someone how to get to the front of the store. No. Ha. No. We wandered around in circles, me panicking more and more each minute, while trying to remain calm, you know, so the kids didnt get scared? They were oblivious….they were just in awe that this Walmart was so….HUGE. I was too, honestly. But I had no time for such.

By the time we finally did find the entrance/exit, a quick glance at the lines? Told me that shopping these gigantic stores was not for me. We turned, and yes, left. Again. *Sigh* Yea, maybe the kids will get school supplies. Maybe not. Its a toss up. My mom, however, has graciously offered to take them…the only problem there is she doesnt have a problem spending the  money that I dont have *gulp*. Like I said…a toss up. Go myself, and risk getting lost again. Or send my mom and risk loosing more money than I have…

Tomorrow we head off to another (unexpected) wedding in another part of the country. Then Tuesday we shall be back to the land of the small. The endless roads will be replaced with the dead end streets and the golden wheat fields will be replaced with crystal waters. The sun will be replaces by rain, and the stores will return to their normal size. The prices will go up, and work will go on….we will return home. Hopefully, in one piece. Or close to it.

I will however, leave you with a bit of advie.  When shopping large stores, such as the ones mentioned above?  A map, or general direction atleast, is a good idea, atleast then you can be spared the “Were lost, arent we” comments as you weeve your way through the parking lot…fun times.

While the internets are fast, it doesntchange the speed of my typing….thus, I must go and attempt some sleep before I have to brave another store, another wedding, and another day….on no sleep….I have more to say, but Im out of words for now…
Eventually….things will return to the somewhat normal state we left, and maybe, just maybe, my mind will return as well…although the bids are very low on that end….

Until then….The disconected, non logical, nonsense, thoughts will contine to roll…and by the way?  My youngest nephew, Josh, turned 4…the 28th, another one of those “dates” I was avoiding…Happy Birthday, buddy.  Four.  Already…I suddenly?  Feel very old. 


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