“Oh yea…..”

Ive done a few rounds of kid watching, I guess you would call it. My longest round lasted a little over two years, and that was with Emmy. For the most part, she was (as far as Ive been told) a fairly easy child. While she slept a majority of her baby days away, and she rarely cried…and you wouldnt really know she actually did much more than that unless you spent time with her, she also had a few streaks in her, which I chocked up to “Keeping ME in check” Because there were days when I sat at home, watching her roll around on her blanket, and Id be thinking “Oh yea, I got this whole kid raising thing kicked in tha’ but…whats so hard ’bout it?” You see where Im heading? Good. Cause I didnt.

There were also, other times with her, like…oh…maybe the stage where she refused sleep? Ever known a kid who would actually fight, to not sleep. Not fight me, or anyone else, shed fight with herself to stay awake. Or there was the time when the first trait of hers that resembled me, showed through. Oh happy day. My baby girl was stubborn. I was a proud father, she took after me. Not. It was not only frustrating to try and understand why an almost 2-yr old would refuse help to get dressed, but time consuming as well. It would take over 15 minutes sometimes just to get her dressed, but to each her own.

Its been a long while since Ive thought of Emmy, all of her, the good the bad and the ugly, because for the past three years that shes been gone, in my mind she was on that golden platform that never did wrong. I wasnt fooling anyone, however, no 2-yr old is a saint.

When I had custody of the kids the first time, there were, as there were with Emmy, days that I thought. “Oh yea, I got this whole kid raising thing kicked in tha’ but…whats so hard ’bout it?” and my foolish mind wouldnt go any further than that, because at that moment, they were all abiding peacefully side by side. They were all dressed, all living, all…most likely sleeping. Because who am I kidding? Four kids? Peace? If theres one word it wasnt, it would have to be that, but at the time, my mind would foolishly fall to the wind and think “I can do this”

But then reality would show up for a brief moment slide in beside me and whisper oh so slyly. “Im not DONE yet!” And theyd be at it again. The rounds or the choir would start up again, and my peaceful moment would be over. Id once again be a slave to the four helpless children that somehow had landed in my care. No, a 12 course meal would not do for this one. She wanted pb & j, but when the heavens would depart and a golden platter appear with nothing less than a pb & j sandwich. That simply, would not work, and the fits of rage would appear, because someone help us, this is NOT what this child wanted. At the same time, as to not be out done by the older child, the younger one has to decide that, nope, eating is not on my mind tonight, I think I might just fly. And up the bookcase he would go, tossing any book in his way to the floor, shredding the to bits in record time. Being upset by the lack of attention an older one would decide that begging for another glass of drink, and not being responded to, would not do anymore, and said child would help himself to the drink in the fridge, only to pour the stickiness all over the fridge, the floor, and himself. While at the same time, all over his sisters homework papers, which in turn would get her upset, and she would have to give her 2 cents worth, and about that time, the door bell would ring, and in would walk {Fill in the blank with who ever you dont want to see at that particular moment} and there, standing in the midst of the chaos, I would think….”What was I THINKING, or rather, what was I not!”

Well…tonight, I had another one of those moments. The room is painted. The bed put together, and only after my mom applied freshly washed sheets and blankets, and the whole 9 yards, did I stand back and think “Oh yea, I got this whole kid raising thing kicked in tha’ but…whats so hard ’bout it?” But then…I had to remind myself, ever so gently, that there was one small part still missing…no not the sticky finger prints, and piles of toys. Not the ripped pictures, and piles of dirty clothes…no…I thought a few minutes, what was missing? Then…it dawned on me. Right. The kids, and just like that my light bulb idea of “Oh yea….” went off. I smiled, shut the door, and will be glad when I can once again say….”Oh yea…..”


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