The difference between here and there

Beings its tour season, the odd comments return, and Im left to wonder how many different ways there are to respond to “Whats the sea level” when, clearly, were AT sea level. I was thinking over these things the other day while playing dodge tourist…it was an especially sunny say, the first one this year, actually, it was about 60, along side the tourist were the locals, of course, you could tell who was who, as all the locals were out in shorts, tee shirts, and pasty white skin to blind you…the tourist were bundled in parkas, and snow suits…serious.

It got me to thinking about how people really are so different…because around here? When the suns out, and its 60? You better believe people are out in shorts, on the beach, soaking up what little sun they can, while getting deathly ill because its still the middle of spring, or winter. It led my thoughts to another day last year, when the rain was coming down seriously hard….it was another typical day here, though, Hard, cold rain, coming sideways, the kind of days where the wiper blades on a car just dont seem to go fast enough…yet, we never flood. Not that often, that is.

I was driving downtown, again, playing dodge tourist, when I got stopped at a red light, I looked out the window, and saw some man struggling…with his umbrella. I had a good laugh…just because…well…umbrellas…we dont see many of them here. In the middle of a good hard rain storm, your best off without one. He was standing there, obviously annoyed that his contraption wasnt keeping him dry, when it did the unthinkable, it flipped inside out, and the poor man was left standing there holding his inside out umbrella, trying to keep it from blowing away…while trying to stay dry.

It got me to thinking then, again, about how different this town really is.

Umbrellas, are the lower 48’s way of going out in a drizzle, or as they call it, rain storm.

When it rains here, your best off to just accept the fact that your going to get a little wet..even if you did park RIGHT outside the door.

People who come up from the lower 48, are always, ALWAYS cold here, even if its 60!

People in the lower 48 (I recently discovered) dont look out their windows when driving, I mean, obviously out the front, but when stopped at a red light, they dont turn and look beside them…odd, I thought, because here? You always look, because most likely, your neighbor will be puttering right beside you.

Our “Highways” dont exist. We drive on a one lane road, except through town, then we hit the two lanes, each way! That was a big deal when it came in.

You dont stay in here when it rains, you might be in all day.

When the sun shines, you get you hind end out in it…you dont know when you will see it again. When the sun shines, your bound to see just about everyone in town, wandering the streets with goofy grins plastered on, as the strut around with pasty white skins flashing you from under their shorts and tees. Oh the summer days.

The “Beaches” here, consist of ‘smaller’ rocks. No soft, white sand with blue water. We live by the ocean people, the Alaskan Ocean, want to come for a swim?

Rain gear, and Xtra Tuffs are the common wear around here. Its not fissionable to wear sandals puddle jumping, you know.


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