New Years:

Another year has come and gone, Im here to great the morning Dawn.

The wind blows, the sea rolls…Im here to watch as the

The trees bow, and the leaves fall….

The ran falls, the skies are grey, the thunder crashes as the lightening bolts.

Night comes, and the skys part, the stars twinkle out so bright.

Im here to see as they emerge, one by one. Bashful and bright, ever so light

before the clouds come and the moon hides. The lightning bolts, and the trees crash.

Im here to watch now, as the waves crash, and beat the ground.

The angry wind whips across the sea, the powerful waves are at the mercy of the wind.

The spray splashes, and the wind howls. Is it playing? Is it laughing? Is it having fun?

Lightning bolts and thunder rolls.

All is calm. The sea, once wild and angry with wicked waves, now is a calm glassy sheet.

The waves are slight ripples, the clouds break. The stars return and the moon shines.

The wind blows, soft and the trees whistle in the breeze.

The stars return, and the moon shines bright.

Color splashes across the sky, pinks and greens dance and form bright blues.

Whites and reds fill the empty spaces, as the wind blows, the colors dance…

They have there own rhythm, they dance to there own beat, they spin and twirl…

Im here to watch now, as the storm comes to an end, and the day begins to break.

Im here to watch now.

Another day has come and gone. Im here to watch the morning Dawn.

The stars twinkle good bye, and the moon winks good night.

The clouds break, and color splashes across the sky….it stretches across the sky.

Sun shines through the hole in the sky….the color dances once more before disappearing into the night sky.

The clouds wash across the sky, the sun rises….the birds awake…

The fish jump, and the laughter fills the air. The birds caw in delight.

The waves ripple. The trees sway. The flowers pop. The sky stretches out….

The grey fills the sky…the rain dribbles slighty…..

Im here to watch now, another day begin.

Im here to watch as the sun streaks out across and the rain drowns it out.

Another day has begun….another night has went to bed…another dream has ended….

– thats a parallel to living with Emmy….every night was a dream come true for her, as she danced off to dream land, I watched her, at times, the smiles peeking out from the corner of her mouth, as she drifted off to dream land….but every day was so much brighter……

The lightning crashes, the thunder bolts. The animals scurry….the wind wips angrily.

The waves crash, and the seas beat on the beach.

The trees crash and the branches fall…

The sky is dark….the air is cold…..the rain is pelting sideways…..

Theres no end in sight……The night isnt so bright….

There is no stars, there is no moon, there is no light….theres no end in sight.

The morning sky breaks, the sun doesnt rise, the grey clouds take its place.

The wind howls, and the trees wave. The sea throws itself on the rocks

Another day has begun, its the same as the last….theres no end in sight…theres not morning bright.

Skys are dark, and clouds gloomy, looking for light, when theres none sight….

Looking for something, that doesnt exist….the days turn to night and the nights to day….

All the same, all without change…..all wishing for something new….for a break in this gloom.

It never will be the same….it never will change….theres no light in near sight….

– Its life without Emmy….its how every new years starts, and every one ends. No end in sight….is it really worth this fight?


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