Facing this year alone

Facing this year alone

Its been three years, yet I still cant wrap my mind around it.
What this year has to offer, I dont want to know. I know what
it holds, and it doesnt hold you. I dont want to face this year alone.

Forever always and a day, is a long time, but its not enough.
Anytime without you is to long. The year seems dark and empty.
I dont want to see what it holds, because I know what it doesnt.
It doesnt hold you, and thats enough to know, I dont want to face
this year alone.

At times the days become hard, and the nights harder. But its
been three years its been long enough. I should know, and I do.
I know enough to know that I dont want to face this year alone.

Alone is without you, alone isnt with you, alone doesnt mean with you,
it doesnt mean holding you, its doesnt mean loving you. Alone means
alone, and alone means without you, thats enough to tell me that I dont
want to. I dont want to face this year alone.

Three years is long enough, long enough to miss you, long enough to be
without you, long enough to feel what its like to be alone. Three years is
enough to understand, and I do, I do understand. I understand completely,
and I dont want to face this year alone.

Not again, not alone. Not without you. If I was given the chance, to do it
all over, Id change it….Id change it all…Id do more, Id loose less, and Id
hold you tight. I promise. I wouldnt let you go. I wouldnt have to face
this year alone.Id hold you tight, and not let go, I wouldnt face this year

Ten little toes, ten tiny fingers. Thats what they say. Thats when it
happens.Thats where it starts. “your better off” is where it ends. But I
know enough now to know that “ten little toes” means nothing. Not when
the year begins, and your not there. I know enough to know that I dont
want to face this year alone.

Yet somehow it starts, and it goes, and it ends, and Im still here. – And your not.
And somehow, the world continues, and the days turn to night, and the nights to
day, and the sun shines, and the rain falls, and the wind blows, and flowers bloom,
and the trees bud, and the leaves fall, and the snow blows, and the year ends….
and somehow….Im still here. Somehow, a new year has begun, and somehow….
Im here, and your not.

And somehow……

Im here to face this year…

As I look out the window, and see the stars, I see your face, smiling, I hear
you laughing, and somehow, I know…that Im not facing this year alone…


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