Molly’s Art

So ive been going through some boxes of things that were Molly’s the past few days, wondering if I should throw them out with the others or what to do with them, and I came across an image (she was an inspiring artist) and it was just too good to pass up it got me laughing. I remember the day she drew it out and made me write names under the peoples and she drew lines to connect them, and beings I cant get it scanned on here right now, I will just have to try and drawn the image up for you.

Its a picture of the four kids and me. First we have Madison, then Molly then Dylan and then Josh, and Im stuffed in between the first two. The four of them are naked (her favorite style) How can you tell this? Well…when Molly drew a person, she drew a straight line (as if for a stick person) then…if naked, they had a round tummy, and on that, was a dot (to represent the belly button) and also, the feet. They all have about 20 ‘toes’ on them. It would appear that they all were just drug from the bottom of the dumpster as these four naked images stand there, hair gone totaly wild. Oh and I should mention, its all in blue except the belly buttons. There are nice green dots to represent these. It appears they are all holding hands, as each of them has a line from the neck to the other line from the other persons neck, and on these lines are round balls with what appears to be 20 fingers. Molly’s hair has some black streaks in it and her stomach is greener than the rest (to emphasis the nakedness I assume), and other than that, they all appear about the same.

Except me.

Oh man. I appear to be some wild hog that is attacking these poor innocent (yet very naked) people. I have about….four lines coming from my neck (arms?) and each arm is on a head. Im (thankfully) not naked, but I do appear to have had some issues with hair stlyes, I have a very flat top with pink. PINK. The rest of the picture (Aside from the belly buttons) is blue. Except my hair. It is shinny with pink, and my mouth too. Pink there also.

At the bottom of the page is her signature “MOLLY” a little lopsided and covered up, and beside that (in my hand writting) are the names. Madison, Dylan, Josh, You, Molly.

Its quite a sight. And I can only be glad that she didnt show this to tthe social worker one day when they were running abouts like wild little Indians. I dont think I can throw this one away, atleast not yet. I have to figure out a way to get it on here, because this one is priceless.


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