!i!i!i! Do NOT go out today!i!i!i!

So, yea, now what?  Right!  Theres more holidays yet to come.  Everyones favorite time of  year.  Ive asked different people, if they remember what they were up to last year around this time, and as to be expected, most of them have a general idea of atleast what they were up to.  Me?  Notta.  I have absolutely no idea what I was up to last year, I mean, I have a very vauge idea, but not enough to tell you.  If I knew you, and talked to you, and you refreshed my memory, Id probly remember what you were up to, but not as far as what I was doing.

I do, however, recall one certain ‘idea’ of mine, that stuck with me, or atleast struck me this holiday was that of the ‘black days’ what that means?  Hell, all I know is NOT I repeat, NOT to go out this day.  Why?  Apparently, this is the worlds largest shopping day, meaning every thing and or person and or there dog will be, I reapeat WILL BE out….shopping.  Or just standing there, either one.  Anyways, last year, I most unfourtunaltly was caught…in this crowd.  Apparently, no one told me that this horrible thign was happening, and I just so happeend to have the day off, and wandered down town to purchase a little heater.

Now.  When I got there, the store was mostly empty, I selected my item, all under 5 min, btw, and made my way to the check out.  Where….there was….HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS, littereally,of people.  Where the hell they came from?  No clue, but I left my little heater and I ran.  Out of there.  And man, did I never go back there, and this year, when I peeked in the paper from the safety of my home, and I Saw the ‘sales’ at this place, I made a mental note to NOT go back.  And I didnt.


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