They are taking Molly off the machines tomorrow. Things change so fast, to fast. I dont like change. I dont accept it well, I dont appreciate it, I dont like it. I know ive said it before, and its even the title of this, its just life. But sometimes, you know…frankly, I just dont enjoy life. I dont like the dieing part of it, as one of my fav quotes from forest gump goes (if i can get it here) “death isnt part of life” Its not the life I dont like, its the death, and I sure wish this life could go on a few paces more between these deaths. I just dont know right now….im like wobbling back and forth between crazy and crazier. just cant seem to find sain land anymore. just totaly not here, just doesnt make sence. I cant even begin to think about whats next, what will happen next, what will things be like…..


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