A letter to Molly

A letter to you, Molly, you are four, your living life at its primest. The world is at your finger tips, nothing slows you down, you are starting to try and read, which opens endless posiblities to your world. WORDS are YOURS. You take them, and make them yours, I highly doubt you do anything less than take that word into your world and entertain it, and keep it, it has a whole different meaning to you, your world, your words. A cat is a ‘kapple’ everyone is in YOUR world, they are there for you, and you make your thoughts be known, if someone in your world displeases you, you let them know. After all they should KNOW what bothers you, because after all, its your world, and why not? after all, your four, you should have this time, it only happens once.

You let me in your world, upon rare occasion, upon these times you teach me, you teach me how to see the beauty in a flower, you show me how to love a leaf, you teach me to take the time to enjoy life, and have fun while doing it, but as quickly as you let me in, you kick me out, because I said YOUR word. I took it from you, i am no longer qualified to be in your world. You are 100 % girl, you love your dresses, and dont go anywhere without your doll, “gnee” to far behind. Gnee, is your spelling for ‘Jeanie” its your word, so well….your spelling.

You squeel with delight at the mirror thought of a bagel, or in your words, “beegoo” why? because beegoos grow on trees, come to think of it, everything grows on trees, beegoos, birds, kapples, everything and anything, your world, your ideas, its what makes you you. You took me out this afternoon, you let me enter your world, but only, ONLY because you couldnt figure out how to get the wheels off your bike, your, extra wheels, also known as training wheels. You said you dont need anymore ‘trains’ that you wanted them off. Your still working on mastering the whole riding with no extra wheels, but I know you’ll figure it out, you dont give up, you keep trying untill you get frustrated, then you allow me to enter your world, and help you, untill you think you have mastered it, where in, you shoo me out.

You dont like being called baby, which is, well…what ive called you the past….four years? but you decided you arent a baby, your big girl. so weve agreed upon babe, which, is your word, which means big girl, not baby. It works fine, i start to say baby, and slip in babe in the end. You said that my name is now ‘hune’ which means, well…im not sure, it only lasted a day, you were playing ‘imaginary’ and my name was hune, it worked fine, untill we went to the store, where you blurted out “HUNE!!!” and I subconciously replied, ‘whats up babe?’ it got us a few dirty looks, and you…well you erupted in laughter.

You love your dresses, atleast the ones in your dress up box, which, you made, all by yourself. its an empty box, with, beautiful drawings, by none less than you, yourself. It has “MOoEE Bo” written on it, which you say means “mollys dress box not yours” You dont let me in on your dress up world, which is ok with me, after all, I dont think id look to good in sparkles. You are deffinatly a sparkle girl, you sparkle from head to toe, especially when you get a hold of the bottle of ‘glitters’ that you found. then everything within your reach sparkles.

You enjoy spending time by yourself, in your world, but as night falls, and you grow tired, which, to set the reccord straight, would never be admitted by you, you come and join me in ‘my world’ at the computer. you sit quietly, and watch as things happen on the screen, asking me about everything anytime something happens, or something new, that youve never seen before appears, I sometimes remind youits my world, and you contently sit back and just watch.
You only eat certain foods, because well, some are bad. They change daily, sometimes by the hour, it just depends on what you want. But, theres another rule, im not aloud to eat what you eat. I cant have YOUR foods, are you beggining to see a patern? You must live in a very bright world. Enjoy it too, it goes fast, and soon, before you know it, your grown, and into the ‘real world’ wishing you could sink back into the comfort of ‘your world, with your words’

You’ve told me before, that “in my world, you MAKE my world” Dont fall for that babe, its not true. Im your uncle, a poor excuse at that, you happen to live with me, and sometimes, as you say, sometimes I bring the bestest people home to live with you, at the time, they arent here, and you think your special, which isnt to say you arent, its just that, well….that your here for a reason, and its something I havent told you because, well, because I dont know how. Hows that for someone who makes your world?

I dont know how to tell you this, but in a few days, a few short days your going back to that place, that place you hate so much, the place that has the coolest toys, but the meanest people, you remember that place dont you? yea, the hospital, your going in for surgery, and, to be honset, Im a little worried about it, Your at such a preciosu age, that I dont want to loose you, I dont want to let go of you just yet, I dont know how to tell you, I dont know how to explain it to you because I dont understand it myself.

You are such an angel, and you make my world so much more….brighter. You teach me, and I’ll try to learn, and remember, but be patient with your ol’ uncle, im older than you, remember? Dont ever stop teaching people though, kiddo, theres alot of people who could really learn a thing or two about you, but, there are a few things you need to learn from people also, it doesnt mean your “stoopy” It just means you have a little bit of growing up to do. When I pull you in, and tell you cant go outside in your underwear, I know, that the suns out, and it is, indeed hot, it doesnt mean you need to fall on the ground and wail in dispair. Because that will only cause the crazy neighbor lady to look, which, well, you know the rest.

Well, Babe, I hope someday, you WILL be able to read, and then maybe you can correct my spelling, the way I correct yours, only, I promise, I wont wail when you tell me that ‘Molly’ isnt spelled the way you think, k? Remind me of that someday, ok? Someday, maybe you will look back and correct me. Dont let them tell you wrong, you know who you are, and who you can be, dont ever let them put you down, your a great kid, I love you, and have a great time being four.


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