which is where I let her take a drink of ‘caffee fee’

“uncle dave?”

“yea, whats up?”

“how to umm….to um..how to spell Mawyie”



I slowly spelled it for her. M-O-L-L-Y.

“uncle dave?”

“yea, whats up babe?”

“umm..how to umm…how to spell…what das the F mean?”

silence. “the what?”

“da F”

“use it in a sentence”

“ummm….in da mowning?”

“Molly, F isnt even IN that sentence, do you mean what does the F say? like ffffun? or ffffive?”

“no…*giggles*…da F in da morning”

“Friday morning, give me something else kid, Im not sure”

*giggles* “Like da F in da morning, you say all da time in da mornings”

silence…..does she mean THE F WORD?

“ummmm….like…do you know the word?”

“it says F…you says F…you says wheres the fee, why da fee? thats the word, fee”

blank stare…”fee?”

“yea, you says [insert her best impression of me in the morning, big and huffy, deep voice] where be da fee?”


“YEA! dats the word!…FEE!! why you says it all da time? whats it mean?”

“well….coffee….it means….it means…its a fee, you know, you have to have it in the morning, or you’ll pay?”

“oh…well…I want to fee!”

“you want coffee?”

“yea…now, I want some your fee..” [pointing at my cup]

“well…ok, come’er and try some fee, you might not like it though, its kinda strong”

“dis fee NO good!!!” [spits in my cup] “dat fee is icky fee, why you drink dat?”

“well…because, I like it….it wakes you up”

“but why?”

“well….I suppose, its because its got caffene in it, that would do it”

“caffee? sota like fee? you like caffee fee?”

“umm, I suppose that works”

“uncle dave, uncle dave uncle dave” [shaking her finger at me]

“you NOT to like caffee fee, it sounds like icky pee, and taste like it too!”

“well…im glad you dont like it missy, leaves more for me, plus, it cost alot”

“i know, i pay a fee for da caffee fee…yuck”


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